Canada's First World War Experience: Thematically Organized Collections of Original Historical Sources


Please note: site maintenance and re-organization are on-going. At this point, the image galleries are sorted, but problems remain with a few of the pdf documents and all of the videos on the site. Thanks for your patience as the site gets overhauled.  (April 17, 2018).


The central element of this site is a vast collection of materials related to Canada’s First World War experiences.  The media in the kits include photographs, maps, videos, documents, audio files. These materials have been organized into a series of five thematically arranged cascading media kits.   For example, Media Kit 1 contains three main albums:

Each of these upper level albums then contains a series of thematically grouped sub-albums filled with various galleries of photographs, newspaper articles, documents, audio clips, and so forth.

Some pointers to keep from getting lost!


At the top of every page there is a ‘Breadcrumb trail’ which lets a user know where the current page is located among the many clusters of nested pages containing albums and galleries.  The breadcrumb contains hyperlinks which also allow a user to quickly move to higher level items. Also, the drop down menus allow you to quickly browse the titles of the upper levels of the kits.


Drop Down Menus

Hovering your mouse over the items in the menu provides extensive drop down menus.  If you hover your mouse over the “Home” menu, you will find an overview of the whole collection of media kits and links to pages that allow you to browse through the contents of each of the five media kits.