Internal Links – Finance and Economy

Internal Links – Finance and Economy

Internal Links – Finance and Economy

Media Kit 3 > Government and Politics > Financing and Economy

  • Debt & Finances in the News
  • Economy and Finance Documents
    • Labour stats
    • Imports and exports
    • Financial summaries
    • Cost of living
    • Earnings
  • War Bonds – Governments need to borrow money to fight wars and sometimes they borrow it from their own people in the form of government bonds. This section has news, images, many posters, and documents.
  • Income Tax – income tax is introduced for the first time in 1917 as a temporary measure to pay for the war that somehow became permanent. This collection has news headlines, images, and documents relating to the advent of income tax.

Media Kit 3 > The Home Front > War Industry and Manufacturing

  • Images of Canada`s changing industrial infrastructure
  • Documents about Canada`s war industry

Media Kit 3 > The Home Front > Fighting with food > Fighting with Food Imagery

  • There are some posters in this section that deal with what money Canada could be making if production were to increase in different sectors.

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