Internal Links – Ethnocultural Diversity

Internal Links – Ethnocultural Diversity

Internal Links – Ethnocultural Diversity

Media Kit 3 > Ethnocultural Diversity >

  • Various Documents
  • Images for Aboriginal, Black, Chinese, Japanese, and South Asian Canadian First World War experiences.

Please Note:  There are fewer sources for this topic as compared to some of the other topics in the list, however, that it in itself may be used as of the First World War being a “white man’s war.”  For example, you may consider examining the collections of posters (recruitment posters, election posters, food conservation posters)  on this site and ask yourself who the target is for each poster.  Do any of the posters target minority populations?  Do any of the posters reflect any kind of ethnocultural diversity?  You may also consider looking at the images of soldiers living and working at or near the Western Front (work and life near the front).  How many of the soldiers depicted in these images are from visible minority groups.

There are materials in the Ethnocultural Diversity galleries that only not directly related to Canada’s First World War experience, but may be used to put the war years into a historical context.



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