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This site is the work of Fiona MacKellar, an ‘ABD’ doctoral candidate in the department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at the University of British Columbia and a student associate of the Centre for the Study of Historical Consciousness.  Early incarnations of this site were housed at SFU starting in 2005 at which time the site contained a very modest collection of photographs and video clips that were offered to assist high school students in producing short videos considering the historical significance of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.  The current site contains nearly 400 pages and many thousands of photographs, documents, and media clips sorted into themed media kits.

Over time, the media collection has grown to the point that the media kits now contain resource materials of all kinds addressing topics which span Canada’s First World War experience from the first rumblings of war in the summer of 1914 to the signing of the major peace treaties in the summer of 1919.  Eventually, when time allows, the materials here will be moved to a new home befitting the expansive nature of the media in the kits (

Please be aware that this site is still very much a work in progress and its maintenance is the part time hobby of a single individual (one whose first priority must be the completion of her doctoral dissertation!)  Email via the contact form and comments on pages are welcome, but until the dissertation is fully submitted these will be answered if and when time permits.

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