Salisbury Plain Images

Salisbury Plain Images

Salisbury Plain Images

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    Hi, from Montreal, the picture of the musical Highlanders at Salisbury Plain, are from the parent Regt.,
    5th Regiment Royal Highlanders of Canada. 13th Infantry Battalion (RHC) First Contingent which mainly
    consisted of 966 all ranks however by sailing date circa 850 men from 5th Regiment RHC, with an additional
    127 volunteers from the 78th Regiment (Pictou Highlanders) and 133 from 93rd (Cumberland) Regiment.

    The 5th RHC, 78th and 93rd numbers were reduced with in two weeks and a fourth parent Regiment contributed
    to the Birth of 13th Battalion at Valcartier Camp, with 156 all ranks.

    SVP. 13th Battalion FC CEF with other Canadian Battalion’s Accounts, are littered with mistakes. DHH DND Heritage & History Ph.Ds’, LAC, books from authors/historian, perpetuating too many mistakes by previous authors/historians, in published papers, accounts, etc. Barbara Wilson Guide to Source, Stuart Martin, Charles H. Stewart, David W. Love, DHH Ph.D’s., scholars, academics, authors, who were and are in fact only secondary sources, littered with mistakes and utter nonsense in certain cases, certainly not prime archive documented source. The above mentioned sources are used religiously by mainstream, armchair historians, writes, websites, war forums, bloggers etc., etc., all contributing rubbish, one has too endure. I personally know through the decades with all the contradiction in accounts, while referencing and cross-referencing, till you fined prime, first hand source, supporting the facts from myths, one can get agitated.

    “The Canadian Historian War Click,” professors, teachers are just lazy, owing that proper research is consuming, requiring at times 1000s of hours, reading, searching Vols, Doc’s, etc, not count the monetary cost. It’s much easier too cut and paste from others, that have done the leg-work, using the same recycled war history accounts, in which many through decades, have taken at times, a life of their own. It’s high time, those with the propper education, cleanup this Canadian First & Second World War mess.

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